Friday, February 20, 2009

Agent Orange put me up to it...

I got an email from Agent Orange saying 'Something has awakened'.
'Something' was a satelliteuplink to a mobile lab and it revealed a girl trapped in the lab.
I found other Conspirits already involved and helping to figure out how to save her, so I jumped in. Presented myself: "I'm another Swedish Conspirit. A LIS drop-out. Inqisitive. Imaginative. Impulsive. And yeah; 'I'd rather be hiking'..."

started to research lots of things.
1)his name is Christopher Brink and
2)he is born in 1981,
3)he's a trekkie
4)he's a selfproclaimed computor nerd
5)his email is Tophers tattoo says 1701, too.
...well, I was barking up some of the wrong trees at the beginning? Nobody thinks it could be him. Strange tho' to find someone so simular...

...I feel for this girl Hazel even if I don't know if she's really a clone or there's some other kind of deception going on here. the info is that she's grown up in a fosterhome, as I have, and she has a fear of beeing shut in because they used to punish her that way when she was a child. also she tries to find out more about her biomum. I remember going through my bioparents appartment after they both passed, and what mystery! and angst.
I recorded a vid 4 Hazel, she asked us to tell us a little about ourselves and provide some entertainment. I showed her my geeky collectors items. I can just imagine how it feels to be trapped in there alone... But I think the one who got the vid was the Bertucci imprint. Maybe he thought I was his daughter Celia or something, the imprints are often very dizzy and in a suggestible state.

...To be honest my real motivation is my wish to really stick it to the Grey one more time! the bigger picture here is that they are, true to form, trying to take control.

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