Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Toph vids <3

He starts the vid with the vulcan greeting, "hello there, Hexagon and hacks, I'm Topher Nmonic, (Vulcan tongue???)...I put them under 'files'" And then he said: "I'm just a wedge, but in case I'm not dead in the real world - please look me up. I'm available for dating and/or (fish?)" (!!!) Can't make it out... Could be a reference to me threatening to smack Spock around with a herring. Proves my speculation that Toph have to be somewhat of a mashocist if he has a crush on Dr. Rose... ;-) I wouldn't mind so much, now when I've found out he's a Philip K Dick-fan, as well as an W.Gibson fan, too... <3 (...Later realised he slured on the word 'friendship' - and was not sayin fish at all, but decided to keep this post as it is...)

I was relieved that Toph-wedge-99 wasn't angry at me for trying to trick and threaten him (but it was done in a kinda sweet and playful way tho'). Just proves that boobies gets you where you want in life, that plus the Vulcan greeting of course... Said I should look the real Toph up. Yeah right if I can get him drunk first... :-D He didn't fall for the 2029 ruse tho'... (But he kinda responded to it in the second vid, so he clearly apprechated it! Good going DaX!)
He also was very forthcoming with what he could help us with. Acted detective, sent the hacked files.

In the second vid he sits on the floor, in a bad state, writing a note. He finishes the Bladerunner quote I sent him in one of my vids: Time to Die... (Famous last words) Then he nods off and we have Hazel back. Hazel wakes up with the note in her hand, reads it aloud: Hi Hazel, You're all grown up, It's a real McFly moment...(reference to Back to the Future) etc... Why not go to Mnema R prime lab and check the vids out?

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