Monday, February 23, 2009

Jack Frost is painting the walls of the lab now...

Before imprinting Toph, Hazel (AI girl) told us it was freezing in the lab. We need to post a vid with more survivalinfo to her.
Speculations of the route is going on i the Mnema chat and in the forum.

After seeing Hazels state after the Tophimprint, the sense of urgency grows among the 'Community of Helpers'. A vid is sent out with instructions and also there is some serious codecracking action in the Mnema chat, with another vid as a result.

Xenondollars feels we shouldn't have decided to go with the drunk-flirt angle 'inciting him further' but he had already done all the damage before he ever got our vids. He had already finished all he had to drink and I can't see that he got any worse, he is actually much calmer in the respond vids. Those vids were made last minute, and I did it because nobody else in the chat had a working webcam at that time. I'm just tired of being scolded for that (like by Trager Maximoff) when I wasn't acting on my own, read the chat archives... The forumthread about Tophstrategy... Ah, whatever. :-D I have critizised others before for their tone of voice with Hazel and stuff! If I can dish it out I should be able to take it. And there is much more people that have said it was good strategy and well done so why should I care so much about one jealous person who can't get vid recommendations for his own vids? That's just silly.

The important thing is to make sure Hazel will survive and won't have to be permanently imprinted in my body. I'm sure she'll much rather stick with the one she got. Me too - maybe my life doesn't suck as much, after all... Or whatever. I could always let Frida Kalho have my body, she wouldn't mind it after the hell she lived through with her last one. She could have babies, finally...

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