Friday, February 27, 2009

Doll took our C777?

Word on the MNEMA chat, is that Chindambar has walked into a trap and there may be an actual Dollhouse after all! The R primelab forum tread that sparked speculation is the message from C777's nephew. The autentencity of this nephew was tested by Daniel by him asking P to change the post, and his request seemes to have been met.

Even so, this find has been overshadowed by Hazels latest vid where she imprints original Hazel. The community of helpers are unsetteled by her appearence, and are now in suspence for the next transmission that we expect tonight. Becca has valuable insight as to how Hazel should be threated. I give my perspective, having been much like Hazel at one point... I think... We'll just have to wait and see...
Also the murderscene is investigated in detail.

...Hazel original came on and made her self up with goth style hairdo. She doesn't need anyone to tell her anything. I think it will be ok now. Don't know what she should do at Greenland tho'...

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