Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chidambar777 is back...?

Yesterday Carnival began. But Carnival time will come to an end and masks will fall... Next week? What to expect then?
It's like I have stared into a kalejdroskope, -smck!- I'm hit with a fish of surprise when the kalejdroscope twists a half turn. I'm chocked and can't believe my own assumptions... I feel sick to my stomach. I feel stupid both for doubting them but also for trusting them, I don't know what to believe any more... Yes you infiltraters from Cherberos know what I'm talking about... 'Nothing is ever forgotten' as Herne the Hunter used to say to Robin of Sherwood.

But Mr Chidambar '777' (Liber 777?)I have suspected all along...? Maybe 4 TAZing? (it's a good thing)
Or for really beeing Thot (...and that can depend, he is tricky but usually likes The Others i believe)

Tonight the previous support guy Chidambar came into the chat, and privatly said he was waiting for 'Mr Grandmaster Daniel Anand'. I thought that was a bit wierd, googled 'Anand' and came up with a chesspro'. Thinking about his nick with 777 again, I sent him some questions about things that might be connected to 93 or 2109 and tried to get an conversation going that would confirm it really was him, too. I think It really was... But there's no way of beeing sure. The answers I got was noncomitting but maybe also a little reveling if I can figure out what in the world he meant??? Daniel was a little upset that Rambo left before he came back to the chat. I didn't refer what I had talked about with C777 thought and I guess that could make ME the suspicious one? Ppl don't even believe that he was there but ust check the Mnema Chatlog, you'll see his nickname there...

//Mr Chidambar has joined 7:39pm - Mr Chidambar? Really? ^ ^
Mr Chidambar is now known as Mr Chidambar777
7:56pm - Rambo! You're into angels and stuff? Wo are the 2109? Omg Enochian magic *headache* Ahaa. Anand, what coincidence, a famous chessplayer is named that too//

I dare not write anything about this in the forum, chanse is that even if he works/have worked for R corp he can be a part of the group 2109 or some other group infiltrating R corp. Maybe the same as Toph was. I don't really know what to think about 2109... And how many more are they?
When mentioning the 2109; Hack'2112'...?
If they are ok then writing my suspicions here in my little insignificant blog won't reach the ear of the mighty R corp and make trouble for Chidambar and 2109 it they really are benign.

I feel I should refresh my memory on enochiana as someone in the chat adviced me but It's not my thing really, I hope someone out there could tell me; Should we expect bad or good things from them? (And is chess really as malicious as Soundless Dawn and the other synchromysticicst claim?)...Have to read up on 93, Liber 777 and the 2109. I have forgotten much too much, I keep mixing them up but so did we back then I remember. Was the 2109 not kinda 'The Lawnmower Man' ppl?...

'When in doubt, blog', as our little genious DaX quoted... I have to rest again 4 a while. This is kinda draining to be researching all by myself. At the same time it's my own fault for saying; you others don't have to care about this metaphysical stuff if it bothers you so much, i'll keep an eye out to see if it's something to it... I digged my own grave there...? But now I'm all like:, someone? Anyone? Mike James even? lol

I don't know how ppl will react when I come out with this. I'm 'the grrl that cried Wolf' too many times before and is labeled paranoid and conspirationtheory-happy. Yes I may fall on my face but it's alright... I'm just beeing HeX.

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