Sunday, February 22, 2009

Confusing tv-shows with reality

I have to put it out there that people must have been very tired chatting tonight (I know I was) when they talk about carachters in the tvseries Dollhouse as if they were real and in realtime. The tvseries are based upon rumors and a 'Dollhouse' myth, see the thread in R prime-labs forum. If any of the Whedon fiction is close to what really happened, then at least the acter playing Topher and the acters playing in this tvseries isn't the actual people we are investigating - don't get confused about that...

Alfa and the rest can be out there, living normal lifes with false memories. Could be some of us in the loose knit 'community of helpers' that have been attracted to this case... To Hazel. We don't even know it ourselves yet! [I like this! It's very Philip K. Dick!]

On the other hand Hazels recent memories can be fake and she can be an active sent out from an actual Dollhouse existing right now. She is imprinted with Hazel-personality to find out more about something about the lab, the research... that they miss in the actual real Dollhouse (that the myth and the tv-show is based on) something that got lost when Dr. Rose disappeared, got wiped or whatever happened to her. In the tvseries the process has unsatisfactory failings. That can be a clue. Maybe the people behind the tv-series Dollhouse is on to something?
Lots of possibilitys are still open.

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