Saturday, February 21, 2009

Metaphysical speculations

I pay close attention to celestial phenomena, and I have noticed that when Hazel stepped into the lab a penumbral eqlipse of the full moon was taking place, 9'th of February. This event when total is called 'Blood Moon' and 'Blood on the Moon' when partial.

I was (mis?)informed of a conjuction of three planets at 22'th of February: Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. I still am unsure what info to trust. But does it matter? It remains to be seen... Hazel has been adviced to imprint Topher wedge during this Sunday.
As I have stated several times, important events in the Marika/Maria case always coincided with celestial phenomena. If this is the case in this case too(and just Blood on the Moon is not enough to convince the positivists) then that would confirm that what takes place now is yet another battle with the spiritworld involved. Or at least people using it's powers for their own agenda... Like the Grey.
The new info thought is that there is a conjuction, but at February the 24'th. That is also the day of the Carnivale. So much the better.

Also at March the 8'th Saturn will be at its closest to Earth. Saturn Return also comes into play here... For Topher, who is 29 y. o.
(...and when talking about planets I can't help but mention that the 'community of helpers' mourned Plutos lost status as a planet in the chat.)

I feel I have to adress this some way, but I feel it is very hard to do so at the R prime-lab forum when almost everyone involved are researchers, many of which are positivists. I am not among peers. I get some support from fellow Conspirits, though. Not surprising when one ponders what we have been through together before, in facing the Grey, the 93, and dealing with posession.

talking about the Grey... there was just something in the chat with the nick Grai that said nothing, and the other day '93' did the same. 93 has appeared here and there, too. in 13's vid. in the chat: said nothing, and when I questioned its nick it just left intantly. as a jest I speculated that 93 was maybe here to take Celias soul back where it belongs. 13 is the number of Death, HE WHO SPEAKS WITH CAPS LOCKED THE WHOLE TIME...
...that's not what I said about the number 13 in the chat before. I'm shifty? no but the numbers do shift their meaning in different contexts. remember Freia is the head of the Valkyria aswell as godess of love.

Just to add to the list of suspicius things and especially numbers corresponding with the Marika/Maria case: CHIDAMBAR777. 777 beeing the suspicious number. Why would he choose that? Why has his company got this unpayed contract and why does he do so much, helping us for free? He posts even when not beeing asked any question, draws attention to himself/herself??? I'm thinking it could be Thot again. I always suspected Thot of helping Conspirare out but also confusing us (the trixter he is) back in the Marika/Maria days... I think I hear Thot giggling behind the Mr. Chidambar mask. And btw, it's Carnival time! Everybody in masks!

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