Monday, February 23, 2009

The spiritworld is in on this?

Is spirit posession catching? I have had some reoccuring dreams about Frida Kalho since I with my fellow Conspirits (The Others on this side) helped out some of The Others on the Other side... The Others are we who oppose the 'Grey' influences in the world, and stop teasing me for Greyphobia btw...
(This painting is one of Kalhos that I put a selfportrait of me into...)

...It is possible that Orpheus hoax that R prime-labs pulled took some inspiration from Eskil Rutsch. They have shown an interest in his work, Agent Orange informs us.
Rutsch invented the technology Conspirare used to techmagicaly free the spirits from their inprisonment. Rutsch is not an Conspirit, we used his technology, and he doesn't concider it to be magic eighter. (Mr. Rutsch please don't send me an looong offended letter saying I've inplied it... Please!! I beg of You!)

But all in the community of helpers seem to agree that the Orpheus thing was only a way to mislead people like Mr. Bertcci that his daughter Celia would be brought back form the dead and the lead is a diversion from the truth, that would set our little (AI-girl?) Hazel free...

In this post I will post some links if someone, probably totally in vane wants to research them. Maybe you have heard some of the Swedes in the chat mention Prosopopeia? And you just want to know more? I'm warning you it's not easy...

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