Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hazel's astological mystery!

Just when is the right time to put little candles on a big cake for Hazel anyway? Willow or Hawthorn Moon - Oak or Holly Moon? I'm finding it very difficult to find out just what Tree Moon she is born under. Me I'm an Blackberry... Tho' It's usually already Ivy Moon at that date.

Reminds me... Tomorrow, Thurs Day, Ash Moon begins and I have to sew a dryad costume for the mask at the Druid Lodge in Ubmi at Saturn Day. I was thinking, Poison Ivy was based on Bettie Page, so if I sew a little dress in that style from the ivy patterned fabric I have it will be stellar. But I only have a couple of days left to do it tho'... I can't really not go it's my (old) coven sister's 40'th birthday and since I've promised to help nothing but my hospitalization would dull her wreath if I did't show... But I look forward to it tho'. And who knows, I could get valuable help from a Druid Lodge full of Carnivaling Druids and Dryads if Hazel would need help like that at Saturns day... Place should be soaring with Awen...

Why should they care? Maybe because of her name.
Hazel is the tree of poets, diviners, witches. Hazel wands are used
for water witching and arbitration. These are best gathered during
Hazel Moon. Hazel resonantes with Sophia, Christ’s feminine
counterpart & goddess of wisdom.

"In ancient times, the Druids carried hazel nuts in their pockets, to symbolize the hazels of inspiration which are associated with the salmon of wisdom, the salmon being the creature who knows how to get back to the source. So for Druids to carry hazel nuts in our pockets, it’s a reminder that we are dedicating our lives to getting to the source of truth and knowledge, to understand the ultimate cause of all that is, to seek the depth going back to the origins of who we are, the origins of the universe, and the world of the Gods." /Ellen Evert Hopman

The nut of the Hazel was consumed by the Druids for wisdom, and it was believed to be the source of all knowledge of the Arts and Sciences. A forked Hazel stick was used for divining the identity of murderers and thieves. It was used to find water, and buried treasure as well, a practice still used by water witches today. Druidic heralds carried White Hazel wands as a symbol of their station.

I could scale the blue air,
I could plow the high hills;
Oh! I could kneel all night in prayer
To heal your many ills!
And one beamy smile from you
Would float like light between
My toils and me, my own, my true.
My Dark Rosaleen!
My Own Rosaleen!
Would give me life and soul anew,
A second life, a soul anew,
My Dark Rosaleen!

/From Roisin Dubh (the dark rose) 1500-tal

...Just a photo from the Druidfeast. Yes, it did soar with Awen...

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