Sunday, November 20, 2005

the end of Rain is the beginning of Snow

...and the beginning of ice. finally the cold has coressed the whole of Norrland. yesterday we went out on skates on the freshly laid ice, 20 - 40 mm thick, for the first time this season. It was clear as glass, a window almost as big as the lake, making the lake an aquarium. i laid down on the ice and peared down, looking for fish, but no luck. i only saw a bug swimming in and out of the foliage. Bearman was getting nervous when the whole sheet of ice resounded with his strides, but my swirles made no sound in the ice. i did not skate so close to the open water.
today snow fell, covering the big lake mirror. and so the beauty is hidden. this teaches us the necessity of catching the moment. do not prospone, nature does not wait until you have better time.

i really needed to be outside just now, too... since my bioparents i didn't know i had mysteriously passed away, and i was called by relatives i had to come and take what i wanted from their appartment... whoa. I mean, what strange appartment. the tv wasnt in any cannels, and there were lots of radios and electronical stuff and letters from some esoterical orden and dairy about mediating messages from the dead and stuff. And all clothes were in perfect staples like the appartment was a landscape. All glasses were on the table, filled up with water. it was like an installation. there were medicins also, dont know what they were but i guess my bioparent were psychotic or something. they sure smoked lots of cigarettes! I took the new stuff, vaccumcleaner and tv, but left all the old stuff it smelled so bad from nicotine.

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