Friday, February 27, 2009

Actual realtime Toph

In the MNEMA R prime-labs a message from Chidambars nephew sheds new light on the whereabouts and involvement of Topher today? Tophs tattoo is the lead...

"Account was traced to United States of America and Los Angeles area. All indicates very good security but private person, not company. BUT: One number was reoccured in user-details and that is 1701 but more than this I do not know."

I feel really embarrased about my vids to Toph-wedge-99 now when I know actual Toph might have seen them. Can I just sink thruogh the ground now, and disappear, please?

...But this opens the door for me to speculate and really use my paranoid mindset. The (fake) Crogun that posed as R.P (that is Robert Peterson) that got TSIS online again is totally suspicious. I actually emailed with him early on, trying to trick more info from him because I thought he really was an TSIS researcher, and after revenge-messing with me he admitted that he was one of the community of helpers just not in those exact words. Who was this rly? Make yourself known or I'll just jump to the conclusion that fake Crogun is actual Toph. It would be neat cuz then we have email adress to Toph. Not that we would need that... If he's following and tweaking the action at R-primelab.


Anonymous said...

If he's seen them, then he's probably read your blog also... ;)
Live long and prosper HeX!

LI said...