Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Now the Mnema chat and R prime-lab forum is sissling with decoding action!
Only the truth will truly set Hazel free, but the door doesn't open by it self.

There is also an discussion about what really happened in the lab that day when Dr. Rose disappeared. The logs that Toph helped retrieve from the overwitten floppys are investigated, the forensic data availiable. Maybe also Top's vid helped people turn their attention to that again... Even tho' ppl not so in love with Toph keep pointing out how unhelpful he was and how much he messed up. I mean, can you imagine how you would react if it was YOU-wedge-99 that was in his situation, and was aware that you were a 'just a wedge'?

What would you, honestly, do?

What would Foxtrot do?

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