Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wierd Singing

I was just having coffe before going to Uni, in such a hurry that I was dressed to go outside already but dropped in to the MNEMA chat to say Hej. Instantly I was asked to make a musicvid, from out of the blue. Appearently Daniel had tried to get someone to rec it for hours, but when I came Devlin asked me to do it - but I didn't get that it was supposed to be a surprise for Daniel... Sorry! It was an humorus and elegant way to tell Dr. Rose that what she did was indeed very wierd, and I was happy to do it for the good cause.

I didn't have time to reherse it much, just tried to learn the melody (no time to learn the text tho', wrote it down) and saved the second take. Wish I could do it over; 'Once more, with feeling'...
The original Wierd Science musicvid Daniel sent a link to was hard to sing to so I went 'a capella'. I think the words came out much better when I sing, than when I try talking English. I will have to sing to you ppl instead of talking in the future. It will be like Sweeny Todd without the meatpies - meat is like poison to me.

I missed the bus and had to run all the way to university (2 miles) but miraculously got but a little late to class. Phew.


Owner M said...

Owner M here - you sung beautifully. :-) Sorry you were late for class.

LI said...

Oh, that's all right, I have an 'south-European' time keeping habit I have been told... It didn't spoil my perfect fasade or anything. LOL