Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the Hexagon of Saturn and Saturn Return

Synchromysticism of Saturn
Saturn is connected to genetic manipulation and creating a perfect, godlike human. Soundless Dawn is warning us in his youtube vid 'The Violet, Vishnu, Venus, Vixen, Vortex' that terrorist might be trying to take over our collective imagination... Thot and the mystical Rose and my mistress Freia makes apperances too, in different guises. 'Love is the fifth element, after all... '
And on a more scientifical note: The Hexagon of Saturn investigated!

Actual Toph is, if he's alive, soon 29 y.o. the year of the time of the Saturn Return effect: Saturn, planet of destiny, is at the same position as when he was born. His life is going to change, and he is passing into the second phase of his life. Yes this will happen again 29,5 years later, when he comes into next phase.

Incidently, at 8'th of March, Saturn is at it's closest point to Earth that it ever gets in its travel around our yellow star.

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