Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tarot for A.I. Butterfly grrl

As requested by Mike James at R prime-lab:


1&2)Knight of Wands and *THE WORLD*:
The Key cards are here confirming the subject beeing Hazel, confirms the situation she is in (traveling), and asserts her importance for the world at large. Her true nature is the Hanged man in reverse - not a victim but a 'victor'. She is Persefone, that has stepped into the underworld but will emerge again and bring spring to the whole world.

3)*EMPEROR*: She is unaware of her own shadow, a subconscious, tyrannical side: aggressive, brave, bold and in command. She has to discover it and control it lest it will overthrow her, when controlled it will strenghten her. Alternativly this is something underlying the situation that she isn't aware of, and it could be a man like Bertucci... Tricky.

4)Queen of Pentagrams: I interpret as Dr. Rose, she is/was a working buisness woman, practical and down to earth. Dedicated, she is as ambitious in her plans for her children. Her children or partner feel that they can't be themselves and still be loved. She has crossed the line. The card is reversed so something is wrong.

5)*THE MAGICIAN*: This is how Hazel ideally should act in her situation. Combining of elements to create something more. Alternativly, this is Thot/Toph that guide or help her? Something that is making it better.

6)4 Wands: Hazels challenge is to build a foundation she can survive on for the future. A 'house'. I'm guessing it refers to the survivalskills.

7)Princess of Wands: To herself Hazel is a message. She is the hub in the wheel, the center of attention, hers and our, obviusly.

8)The Ace of Swords: To us and the world Hazel is pure information, raw intellectual potential. She is Excalibur, that (the Gray?) want to obtain to gain power.

9)Knight of Cups: Percival seeking the graal, as an act of love and dedication, is who/what is going to save her. That's us, you guys...

10)9 Wands: Hazel will find what she seeks. She's only to shine the Hermit's light upward to see it. She might feel tired, wary and on guard; but remind her that she has reserves of energy and strength for that final push. Completion of all she's worked for is right there, all she need do is go for it!

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