Monday, February 23, 2009

Speculate about Toph's vids!

Boomer Or Bill Murray...
Scans from transmission 37 Toph trying tomake a pass at the gnome? (and the chair!)
...or is he in fact smitten with Dr. Rose?

That gnome-stuff...
I first thought Toph is just drunkenly making a pass at everybody and everything, real or imagination. So I 'used' it when making my 'drunken foreign exchange student' flirt-vid. I don't mean to offend anyone, especially not Swedish girls but he seems to me as a internetporn surfer that has never actually touched boobs and has fantasies about wimen around him so I ran with it. Also I was encoruaged in the MNEMA chat at lingr to play drunk.
Maybe I should've played Dr. Rose but I just can't do her justice! I know my limitations.

...But I'm kinda hoping the gnome conversation was him reinacting something, and that more vids will show him talking with himself and revealing even more stuff stuff from the past.

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