Saturday, February 21, 2009

A calm day at R prime-lab

Nothing much has happened at R prime-lab yet today. It's still night in the US but anyhow, I don't expect it to be too lively today. Maybe the stir of newcomers asking for help in the forums, sending Hazel (honestly speaking) quite uninformed advice through vids... We must expect that some of those vids are going to merit reccomnedations high enough to be uploaded to the mobile lab and maybe cause confusion. Everybody gets one vote, no matter how long you have been working the case.
Maybe when it's closer in time to when the satellite link is up again, more of the familiar names are going to show up in the offsite chat... Because the next imprint requested by the highest rated recent vid (by Hack 2112) is asking for Hazel to upload Topher. I like what he's saying but not the tone of voice he uses towards Hazel, he sounds kinda condecending. And irritated when mentioning the gun, a point he's pressed before but not been obeyed at. I understand if she reacts with defience to that tone of voice. ...I would!

People in the chat has mentioned that tvshow Dollhouse again, that the last episode shed some light on Tophers profile. Since we don't get Dollhouse in Sweden, I'm anxious to fins out if I'm right about him. ...Not that I would judge anyone on how they are portrayed in a fictional tvproduction!
Many seem to want Topher to be on 'our' side because he feels like 'one of us' and they choose to ignore Dr. Roses assesment of him as beeing somewhat of a psychopath even. He views everything and everybody as a game. He himself is identifiying with a Mentat - that's from Herbert's Dune. They calculate without feelings much like human computors. I have tried to press this in chat yesterday. Soon enough we will find out?

What is 'our side' anyway? I'm not sure at all that we all have the same motivation in this. Some will play along with the majority to get votes on their vids but what do they really think? Sometimes I react badly to how they use words and diagnoses about people and I almost started a fight in the chat about it. It was bugging me how they seemed to be so convinced that doctors and their scientific tools are always right against the individual that nobody questioned Dr. Roses assessments of people. I was grateful when Daniel, defended and shared my wiev. I have a hard time expressing myself in a foreign language, as you can probably tell... :-)

Hm, I see now how my reasoning is flawed *giggle* I doubt Dr. Rose about Foxtrot beeing so antisocial but trust her (but mostly his own assessment of himself saying he's like a Mentat) when it comes to Topher...

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