Monday, February 23, 2009

You can have my body.

I decided to actually get some sleep tonight, or it was not a decision as much as a necessity… I felt I was turning into a zombie. Anyhow I had much to catch up on at 6.00 this morning when I woke up. The chat was soaring with speculation and activity to get some vids out before uploading time at midnight. Not many had webcams with visual and time was running out. Luckily I had discussed the strategy before and after watching Tophs vids and talking briefly in the chat with the community of helpers, I pretty much impro the three vids, had no time to rehearse over and over. And btw I think that too much rehearsing takes the life out of the preformance... But the strategy was in accordance to what has been discussed on the chat and in the forum at R prime-lab for some days (and nights!) now. I'm afraid the last one with the Vulcan hand signal isn't gonna air so to speak, not enought recs. Hopfully it's enough that I showed 'his' Spock action figure. and threatened to slap it around with a herring. (Yes actionfigure not doll!)

(I'm kinda thinking Topher is very much like my first boyfriend. So there is where my inspiration comes when I'm improvising. CosmiC used to make me watch cultmovies and original Star Trek, I mean the very first episodes, and splatter... Evil dead, such things. CosmiC's fav quote was this Bladerunner one.)

I now have reason to believe that Hazel is an AI and I remember my pun on ‘save Hazel’ in the chat the other day, when I pointed out the double meaning, that is that saving can be downloading Hazel, too. The complete papers that are identical with the ones Hazel scanned in before imprinting Toph has been found on the web, it concerns the AI subject. Intriging! In a privat conversation I suggested in jest to Shev that we might need a Voight-Campf test and he sent me a test that can be fun to do instead, but take another test if you are Swedish.

I also volunteered to be imprinted with Hazels AI if her current body freezes to death in that container on a ship going… where? ‘Goth’eborg, Sweden, I hope. Or even better, Ume, Sweden. I seriously would imprint Toph if he really is dead and doesn't want to be, I like him... (Changed my premature opinion of him, yes I did) And let’s face it… I don’t have a life anyways…

I have started to call Topher 'Toph' today and now i realise... it's almost like Thot. Well the offer still stands, I'm all for donating my body to Gods, have done so before (drawn down the Godess)... But will my mistress Freia (or Sarakka the samis call her) be jealous?
During the Marika/Maria case I saw his hand in things concerning Prosop. and he might be the same as Metatron. It's all in there in Crowleys 777 I think... long time since I read it, not really my cup of tea that ritualmagic. Btw, I also suspect that mr Chidambar is Toth too, so don't take me to seriously in this. If it's Thot we will never know cuz he is a trickster, Loke in asirmyth. Hermes trigamestros, Mercury... He can't be caught...

Btw, Chidambar777 went missing and so did Crogun whom we conspirits belived was one of us but it was not! The mistery thickens...

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