Friday, February 27, 2009

Frankenmom wedge suicide

I... I don't know really what to say. My definition of life is maybe broader than most ppls. I feel sorry for Dr.Rose. Even if I do think it was very wrong what she did, I don't believe in death punishment and I do agree with Becca that Andrea's motivation was similar to any mother's. This in combination with an unhealthy drive to be at the frontiers of science (where no man's gone before!) made for a really horrible parent, though...

One thing that has been bothering me this whole time is; where was her biofather in all this? And now? What did he think about his daughter beeing handeled in that way by her mother? I just hate it when in our society the father is so easily factored out.

This made me post a vid - possible just a minute too late to load up to lab, and besides it didn't have a chanse to be recommended in time. But anyhow, I needed to get things off my chest. Maybe Hazel will get to see it when (or if?) she gets out of that hellhole alive. I hope it makes her feel less alone and strange if she does by some miracle get to see it in there.

Right in this moment the MNEMA chat i sizzling with speculations on the murderscene.
I'm not smart like ppl there but I like to speculate and suggest new angles. I was thinking the suit is Hazels biofather, maybe also a doc. He and Bertucci would have fought about who was going to get 'his' daughter. Bertucci wants Hazel to be Celia and Hazels biofather wants his original Hazel back. Maybe he and Andrea has seperated, she got Hazel by court decision but now he's found out what Andrea has been doing with his daughter and wants to put a stop to it... Maybe Andrea hated Hazels father so much she wanted to erase his part in Hazel's personality all together...
Maybe her father (also called Dr.Rose, obviesly) took her out of there and got her into a foster home, so Mnema and R-corp wouldn't find her?

And NOW, if he would be alive, but wasn't the one who put Hazel in fostercare, what would he be up to now? Kidnaping her in a way onto a ship and wanting her to discover the truth, transporting her to another country where he can hide her away from R -corp?

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