Saturday, March 07, 2009

Saturn 8'th of March 2009!

Keep an eye or a telescope on Saturn! Now at it's closest to Earth, in opposition to the Sun. Also, read my previous post on the Saturn Return effect, and the mysterious Hexagon of Saturn. Otherwise, read the novel Saturns Children, or try making gold by Alchemy. Saturn named Saturday! Yay! Some say Saturn is the real source of Father Christmas, no less. Figure that! ...Remember my warning about the Big Red? Old Crow-headed Saturn is also Odin, Father Time (Chronos), and Death. So how far off was Terry Pratchetts Hogfather and Tim Burtons Nightmare before Christmas, really? And what about Neil Gaiman? Aoo, giving myself an headache now... Not feeling up to playing against Death…

. Some say we are at the starting point of the Age of Aquarius. There seam to be an air of hippie over this coming spring, but is Aquarius ruled by Saturn or Uranus?! Btw, unsurprisingly, Brink is an aquarius. Don't ask me what that entails (The planet Saturn has a bad rep), Astrology, Tarot and Liber 777 isn't really my forte, I just know it's out there... (Well wait, I'll have someone else draw up a chart 4 Toph...)

...But are we now on the brink of something, 'where no man has gone before'? What if this new tech isn't confined to Dollhouses? And does all applications of this tech really have to be bad? What are your thoughts?

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