Monday, March 23, 2009

Who is NOT a doll?

Since about a week back I have been blogging about relationships, about dreams: ones own, and the dreams of other people. Earlier I have blogged about the TV show Dollhouse and how it's a microcosm of society. It is, both when they are in there and the assignments the actives are sent out on. All are great material for discussion. My thoughts are occupied with questions about freedom, individualism, relationships and the capitalist consumerist society. Not that I believe the alternative (communism) is better! That's not what I'm on about. I just think we should take a good look at our own programming. Because we Are. Heavily. Programmed.

I guess that if I had paid any attention to literature class when we went over Ibsen's play 'A Dollhouse', I would be able to show off with references to it. Sadly, back then I thought that the society and family the play mirrored was extinct or severely injured and dying from the process of progress, and paid it little attention. But now it's all backlash! If the game's changed any, it is only because men now are used in the same way as only women used to be in old patriarchal society (in the open at least). We now have not a non patriarchal society, but new patriarchal society. Call it the Culture of Death or just 'Gray'. Just notice, please...

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xeoncat said...

heavily programmed indeed.
awesome take on society. props to you.