Monday, March 09, 2009


Take a look this article about IT in 2109: Part 1:Qantum Entanglement, Mini Black Holes and Nanotech & Part 2: Living Quantum Computers, Mind Reading PCs, and DNA nanofiber CPUs.
...Conspirits will get the 2109 reference, sorry if anyone feels left out but it's an interesting article anyway. [Och conspiriter som glömt: gå till Conspirareforumet och sök på 2109! Förr eller senare blir det relevant igen...eller så inte. Vad vet jag? :-P]
Anyway, just to make it a bit clearer, there was speculation about 2109 beeing some part of The Others, or then again not. (temponauts, technomages, Thelema probably: '93' references, from the future?) They were helping Conspirits out with enochiana in a previous case, the Marika/Maria case as I call it. 2109 were tricksterish, manifesting themselves with jumbled messaging through computors. 2109 seemed to posess humor and poetry, thus we decided early on that they were not likely associated with the Grey. One could always hope they will help out again if they think we are touching upon a case that they view as important enough for them to interfere in. I think this case ought to have awakened their interest with it's future-changing potential. But why do they call themselves '2109'? I never got that. Back then I didn't get the '93' thing eighter, when it was so easy to research. 'Will' and 'love' doesn't exactly sound menacing... And what was that Metatron (=Thoth?) business, was it at all important? Metatrons Cube is cute tho', it looks like an hexagon from this angle!
Ah, well... angles, Angels...
...In my defence, it's not my cup of tea. I'm more of a 'Noaidi' kinda Hex, even if it probably comes down to the same thing in the end? Well someone adviced me to look better into it so now i tried a little. I'll try not to get in their way at least. There must be ppl better suited for that technomage stuff. I love author Michael Ende's The Never Ending Story. (...the book not the film, for Hel's sake!) But I'm not sure it's at all connected to 93. ;-P
...Or if any of it is connected to this current mission, more than by those concidered-as-hoaxes-vids at R prime-lab site from user 13 and those appearences of nickname 93 in the chat.

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