Monday, March 23, 2009

Snowboard Sister Sun

So I was talking to my old snowboard sister Sun and she was all nostalgic about the old days and the gang. I can remember some less fun stuff too, althought most of it seem funny afterwards. I was StraightXEdge then, but the gang wasn't... (They didn't smoke anything at least, ftw.) They figured that my potential to get free drinks from guys was going to waste. So they insisted that I walk up to guys, and the guy would then buy me a beer and I would say thanks, walk away with the beer and give it to them. I argued that I felt sorry for the guys that was supposed to pay for their beers. They replied that the kind of guys that buy girls beer just do it in the hope that the girl will later get into bed with the them. And so the beer-buyers where total sleezes anyway, and deserved this, it was like an feminist fine or something.
Another thing they wanted us girls to do was to make friends (flirt) with famous snowboarders (like Johan Olofsson) and then introduce the gang. Yaiks. I'm not a groupie... (And I seem to fall hard for skiiers not snowboarders anyway, looking at past records.)

But I miss the snow. Me, Sun, and the snow. Bliss.

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