Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Dollhouse is a microcosm

Mike James put it well in his vid, which I watched now when its featured in the recently updated previous section of the Mnema R Prime-Lab site. "All the world is a stage, and the world is a lab - with drugs in it!"/Mike James

I think the Dollhouse is a microcosm.
And what does it say about us? If I judge from the Dollhouse episode 4, Gray Hour: That we are obsessed by beeing our 'best' or always trying to be. We think we should exercise because it's good for us, and always obey the doctors, take the drugs and treatments we are prescribed so that we better can preform the roles chosen for us to make profit for some amoral corporation. (This is starting to sound like it will be some kind of existensialist or marxist analysis. :-P my biodad and grandpa & granny would have been proud... or are proud in the spiritworld.)
...And anything traumatic can be cushioned by 'throw pillows and perfectly crunchy salad'...?? Not really, tv-'Topher'.

Aristotle said some people are born to be slaves. Caroline, when she volontered to be ECHO in tv-Dollhouse, said she didn't really have a choice. (I wonder what she meant by that.) She is now really beginning to resist the wiped state. I guess she wasn't born to be a slave...

Tv-'Topher' notices the dolls herd-behaviour. That reminded me of what Aldous Huxley wrote on Hitler's strategy on how the masses could be controlled, in his book Brave New world Revisited. Huxley calls it heard entoxication, heard poisoning. When you go with the mainstream and loose your individual self, you loose your critical ability. To Hitler, intellectuals were useless.

I only hope I will be utterly useless to the Gray... That's my life's mission! That's why I'm known as H2O hexagon, snowcrystal. I'm on my own so I won't be broken. It's cold and lonely, but I stay me.

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