Saturday, March 07, 2009

Age of Aquarius & Transhumanism

I was thinking about this Aquarius stuff and came to the conclusion that, while the ppl I know that are born in that sign are indeed very uniqe and interesting, they are not at all (I'm sorry, but frankly!) the easiest ppl for everyone to get along with. Happiness with them all too often is a castle built by sand. Or snow. This has a charm of it's own of course. But just so ppl know what to expect from this New Age of Aquarius... It's not most ppl's idea of bliss. The changes in way of life that is ahead is clearly pushing at least parts of humanity into some or other kind of transhuman state. I think this is relevant both to Toph and to Dollhouse tech...

Just to paint a picture of what could be expected, I'm using Science Fiction as an example. And my fav author, Tanith Lee's FOUR-BEE series is an interesting vision of an transhuman society. In FOUR-BEE one can change body all together, and design it after every whim. Antennas, silver hair, wings and hologram skin, any gender. Whatever. This can be done over every month, and ppl in FOUR-BEE regurlary kill themselves to get a change. Dreamy? ...It turns out that beeing able to realise every dream with the aid of technology is ultimatly utterly boring and unfulfilling, at least to some. So they escape into the desert to live like 'Adam' and 'Eve' did after beeing threwn out of Eden. (According to Bible myth: that's some non-pagan book, you won't find it in the Edda)

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