Thursday, March 19, 2009


"We don't want an organization. What is organic needs no organization. You build from without, we build from within. You use yourselves as building stones and fall apart outside and in. We are built up from the inside like a tree, and bridges grow between us that are not of dead materials and dead force. From us life itself issues. In you whatever is lifeless enters."
Kallocain p.90

This qoute explains my reluctance to be properly organised in any form. I never entered Ordo Serpentis, but lingered in the Conspirare forum. The gang and the goverment is no different, they make me 1% or how was it put by Jane's Addiction?

Antisocial, I am. Unable to 1)Organize & 2)Keep secrets.
I like secrets, to reveal them not to keep them. There are no truly Secret Organisations. Not secret to the allseeing E.Y.E. :-)
The only truly secret organisations are the ones that doesn't exist. Like the Kallocain qoute says. In the spirit of Daoism and Kropotkin-Anarchism.

No one is an island. No, I'm not Ibiza, not even Svalbard (more in line with my carachter than Ibiza? lol) Besides, C.G. Jung said some people are like islands, but even they are connected with everything else, beneath the sea. On a archetypical level of consciousness. On the deepest level all of humanity is ONE. (Maybe there are even deeper levels, where animals and all kinds of life, even plantlife, is ONE. In that case I think only the aboriginals is connected to that. Dreamtime, they call it. As an ecosystem even 'dead things' like snow & wind are connected to everything else, of course.)

Hm, just dawned on me... Hazel could be on Svalbard now. But my best guess on where there is an Dollhouse in scandinavia is Tromsø, Norway. I'ts close to Bardufoss, and the American military precence is strong there. It has the Worlds most northenmost University and a University hospital with research in biomedicine and psychiatry. I know about this because CosmiC lives there,I have often visited Troms in the past. He was acting very strange when he was in military sevice, I then believed they where testing out some kind of experimental drug in Bardufoss. (...We where ingaged at that time but I broke it off due to his irratic behavoiur and went back to CubiC.) ...I'm just speculating, but I'm guessing actives could be sent into Russia from there. In my opinion it has to be Tromsø. Or what if Tromsø is 'the attic'?

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