Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Maker of Dollhouses

I'm currently in Skullhell and staying at sister Sun's. I try to get some work done on the computor but keep getting sidetracked and watching Dollhouse and whatnot. Her man is beside me playing WoW, and Sid the dog is at my feet. He thinks I'm beeing mighty boring today.

I visited an old friend from artschool who's making Dollhouses like fanart to The Addams Family and Amity ville. Mac used to identify me with Wednesday Addams due to the fact that I since childhood has been redesigning fashiondolls, like 'Dark Barbie'.
Mac showed me an interesting documentary, Tompta Gudh, about an evil breed that infests Scandinavian forests, but have their origins in Tibet: the Tomte. They probably thrive wherever there is snow so look out... Especially for the Big Red one, he's like their emperor. He's got all the ppl fooled...
Still no word on the whereabouts of Hazel, if she is on Greenland or not. I'm hoping she is on her way or already in Scandinavia. Just putting it out there that if there is a Dollhouse in Scandinavia that needs to be taken apart, and it's not one of Macs lovely creations, I'm up 4 it.

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