Friday, March 06, 2009

The Dollhouse on Tv

I just watched some spoiler vids for next episode of Dollhouse: Gray Hour, (thx Eve, for posting a link at Operation Foxtrot!) and in the second vid ECHO is wiped with a signal through her mobile phone. Ohh, how interesting! If the tv-production is on to something, the wipe can be done over phone connection... Imprints too, maybe? Then anyone could become a Doll at any time! There wouldn't be a way to know your friends from your foes in this.
In the end of Stage Fright it seems as though ECHO and SIERRA is conscious of themselves even in the wiped state inside the Dollhouse. That reminds me of the beginning of the first ep, when sombody remarked on how you always CAN tell what it said before on a wiped slate, as an answer to the Tabula Rasa remark.
I erlier have been sceptical on how much you really can tell about the real Dollhouses from the fictional series Dollhouse, but I'm beeing drawn in. It is tempting to compare facts. Just as long as we keep a critical mindset toward the info coming from it - it's a fiction after all, the Joss Whedon series. But with real good research done.
I have been searching out blogs on Dollhouse and tried to recruit new ppl to Operation Foxtrot. Eve started it with the Dollhouse forums. Soon there will be a lot of press on Dollhouse here in Sweden, when it airs at April the 19:th on Tv400.

And btw: in Grey Hour, ECHOS real name is Caroline? There was a Caroline at the Mnema chat at one time, I think...

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