Friday, March 06, 2009

Freezing Iza Rune

...I have decided to give the Coven format a second try. This time around, I was thinking not to expand beyond three members the first year. The Coven will have a Sami/Finnish/Nordic orientation, Ecopagan at that, and everyone involved has to be able to travel into and stay safely for a while in the Norhtern Mountains (Fjällvärlden) no matter what season of the Year. High demands, yes i know, but I find I'm powerless in city contexts, unfortunally... We'll make up the rest together as we go along. ...Ask me if you want to know more. :-)

I'm worried. I'm making up plans to try to release the Rimthurs - the Ice 'Giants'/Trolls upon the world to counterweigh global warming. But I can't do it alone, and besides is it really such a stellar idea? I need to travel into the Holy Mountains, where the ancestors dwell, to ask for guidance. Just spiritually, this time. Isak will know how to proceed, I hope... Iza, not beeing my favourite rune, still is vital to me. This is the time for froZEN meditation. I'm going into Skadi's realm for a while now. Silence. Clarity. Light. And maybe some answers will be revealed to me there... The way forward. Also, how to proceed with helping in Hazels mission. And some spirits to aid Hazel where she is now.

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