Tuesday, October 21, 2014

special snowflake

there are no one special snowflake. they are all special and unique. 
I was feeling tired and cold inside, so I drew a hot bath. lying in the bath tub, perfectly still, I imagined I was a clone in a pod. only my heartbeat made the water surface move ever so slightly. I imagined I was one clone of ten in total. identical. it's something about it that disturbs me. what offends me with clones; they're no snowflakes. it cheapens life, in some way, or what do you think?

when you love someone that person isn't interchangeable. I'm painfully aware. I have this fear about the ones I love. that they are mortal, they can die. they do die. they die in garage explosions, from single car accidents, they die from suicide. they die from old age and sickness. or they just disappear. it hurts, it makes one not want to risk loving anybody again. even when they are gone, the love for them doesn't go away. (it's supposed to get easier with time, but is that true?) but a clone isn't special. who'd love a clone?

the beauty of snowflakes are it's diversity. the beauty in human culture is it's diversity. but humanity isn't as harmless or beneficial as snow. I'm a member of VHEMT, Voluntary Human Extinction MovemenT. I understand that from a non antropocentric view, this world would benefit from humanity joining the dinosaurs. sometimes in my most misanthrope mood, I think not even the diversity of human cultures is beautiful at all. would an alien think it was? and is there really any real diversity, or is it all just the same shit in different boxes?

most people don't live, they exist, that is all. they're meat robots, muggle zombies, clones. born as originals, they die as copies. what is so beautiful or special about that? I know, I know, what is the use of such thoughts? what can I do about it anyway? ...& who am I to talk, as if I was any better myself? OH well done, started out writing about the specialness and sacredness of life and ended up at the opposing viewpoint in a few bloody sentences. I give up on myself!

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