Sunday, October 19, 2014

minoan snake goddesses

there has been much ado about the minoan snake goddesses. there has been great exaggerations and even forged 'findings', painting a warped picture of ancient minoans. the figurines of bare breasted women with snakes in their hands were not many in comparison to other cult objects, and probably not as important as they have been made out to be.

for me, that almost just makes it better though. it means that it wasn't mainstream and everyday in minoan culture, it might have been a secluded, a bit mysterious cult. I'm not identifying as a goddess worshipper. not anymore, anyway. to emphasis either of the sexes over the other only creates an imbalance that is bad for both. but nonetheless I'm a little happy when I see evidence of goddess worship today. only because I'm glad they the sacred feminine isn't altogether forgotten or overshadowed.

when I look at the minoan figurines, the first thing I come to think about is vodun priestesses dancing with snakes, worshipping Mami Wata. I wonder which direction the inspiration went, from Crete to Africa or the other way around? and I come to think about the snake witch stone from Gotland, Sweden. is this more evidence of the connection between Scandinavia and the Mediterranian?

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