Saturday, October 18, 2014

one part of the anatomy

women of the internets, you all know of what I speak in this post. 

so this is about what was going through my mind after I watched the last episode of Vikings. there was a scene where Ragnar asks advice of the seer about the two women he wants, but doesn't want to choose between. the seer tells him the story of how the giantess Skadi had her pick among the Asir and Vanir men, but had to choose by only seeing their feet. Ragnar asks by what he should choose woman, and gets a strange answer like by their entrails and everything inside them. but then tells Ragnar he is a fool if he thinks the choice is his to make. 

so that made me think of how sometimes some guys of the internet, of whom one knows nothing (not name or face), out of the blue sends one a picture of a certain part of their anatomy. I think every woman (or person claiming to be a woman) that has spent any time on the internet has had this happen to them at least once. 

I have a request;
the first part is simple; just don't. it's not sexy, it's creepy. it also has a kind of comic effect, you know. (how can you not get that?! you really do know nothing, some of you…)

the second part may astound you; 
...IF you are adamant on sending a picture of one part of your anatomy to me, please send a picture of your hands and underarms. if they are attractive. and especially if their tattooed with snakes or dragons coiled around them. I have a thing for that. if I, like Skadi, had to choose a mate from only seeing one part of a man it'd be the part I'd rather choose from. Different women probably have other preferences; maybe you should ask first before you send any pictures at all. (my thing probably has something to do with me reading The Mists of Avalon when I was thirteen. it's kinda like some guys have a thing for Leia in the slave costume.)

an old painting of mine depicting a modern man who meets his ancestor, who has snake tattoos. the snake tattoo symbolically kills the mans slave-tie. 

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