Thursday, October 16, 2014

of Minoan bloodline

recently I was told I'm of Minoan bloodline. I remembered from archeology classes that there's a theory that a group of people from the mediterranean came to the south parts of scandinavia during the bronze age. looking at metalwork, and pictograms on rock, they seemed too similar to just have happened at these two places at the same time by chance. 

I've also heard about genetic studies that show that the Berbers of north of Africa and the Saami of Scandinavia to have a common ancestry roughly 9000 years ago. the Sea Saami were skilled boatbuilders and even built ships for Vikings. I've heard a geneticist speculate that this people the Saami and Berbers come from, took the route by the British isles and were the ones living there when the Celts first arrived. the ones called the Fomorians. 

so I was thinking, it's not at all impossible that Minoan is the bloodline I belong to. people have moved around all over the globe way back in history, and the Minoans were more mobile than most. at this time there were few roads (the Romans had not built them yet) and as Thor Heyerdahl have showed with his daring expeditions, the waterways were the routs to travel. rivers and seas.

then I found an article about the genetic heritage of the minoans and apparently they came from Anatolia about 9000 y.a. the cultural influences from North Africa were due to inspiration. maybe there is no connection between berbers and minoans. ah well, it was a theory. it illustrates that peoples have moved around a lot. my Minoan link can be from the other part of my heritage, not the Saami one. maybe the Vallons?

who knows, and what does it matter - I know now I am Minoan. 

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