Sunday, October 12, 2014


in my belief system there is not just Life & Death. there are four different states:

Alive Alive
Dead Alive
Alive Dead
Dead Dead

some of ones ancestors are in Alive Dead state. they guide and challenge the living. only the ones that were wise and Alive Alive get to be Alive Dead. the others perish in Dead Death. all the gifts they bestow one must be ready to give up at any time, even life itself. it's often the sole purpose of any happiness they grant, it's only given to test one on how gracefully one can give it up again. never to let FEAR overpower LOVE is the lesson they teach over and over again. but if one fails, if ones ancestors loose interest in one, one is without protection and guidance. prone and vulnerable to disease, curses, to become a useless, pointless and harmful person, Dead Alive. it's better to be Dead Dead. then at least one is One with Hela.

might seem weird & cruel to some. but do you think it hurts more to think about traumatic things that happened in terms of ancestors trying (or possible torturing) one for a reason (maybe their enjoyment) or random things just randomly going to pieces for no reason at all? don't you wish you were part of something epic, world-changing? I don't know, maybe I've read too many comic books or something and have become a modern day Don Quiote. but what does it matter, if it's true that nothing really has any meaning? then I can just as well go on believing as my saami ancestors did. in the ancestors, in different states of being, in different planes of existence, in gods or godlike creatures. in the sacredness of Nature.

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