Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Solstice

Tonight I haven't sleept at all. I've spent five hours on the little island watching the dawn. I couldn't convince anyone to make me company, they were all adamant on sleeping. The sea was like a mirror, vailed by mists, when I arrived. The birdsong was almost deafening at times. I had to run around and climb some to keep warm before the sun rose.

The island is just a big chunk of green stone that has got it soft shapes by beeing sanded down by the the inland ice sheet more than 10.000 years ago. In the sunlight the stone glitters like it's infused with countless crystals. The island is partly covered in moss, with a few tormented but still quite big and old fir trees.

A few feather like clouds brushed the sky, before sunrise they started to glow with a gold lining when the horizon blushed pink and yellow. The mists moved faster over the water surface and almost looked like ghosts or faerys dancing, before they were dispersed by the warmth of the rising sun. I did some yoga; Guess what? :-)

I promise myself to do these 'out of the ordinary rut' things more. But it often takes special occations likt the Summer Solstice for me to Dao it a bit. Now I'm back home and have a few things to arrange before I finish packing for Finland. I'm really tired now thought, and have to sleep three hours before I can get anything at all done...

The picture is from an other occation, when I saw a hobgoblin (or possibly a tompta?) on the island.

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