Monday, June 08, 2009


I usually have no problem finding my way in the woods. To me all the trees and rocks do not look the all the same. Some I like, some I don't. I get a feeling for where I am. But in the cities I am always paniced. The buildings disturb my ability to orient myself and I get overwhelmed and tired. Maybe it's because I really don't want to be there.

I have noticed others react in a similar way to the woods that I do the the city. Maybe we can't change what pattern was imprinted on us growing up. I would find that infinitly sad. So many souls who will never know or enjoy reality. More than half of the human population on the planet now lives in city's. For the first time ever.

I don't really care to become comfortable in cities, and people maybe don't care to become more at home in the woods. But I have not grown up by the ocean, and that does not stop me from wanting to get to know it. I did grow up by a river and among lots of lakes thought, that may help a little. The oceans scare me. I find it exciting.

Oh, btw: Today is World Ocean Day. Wear blue and tell two!

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