Monday, June 29, 2009

The Baltic Sea and the Land of the Finns

The weather was mostly terrific with good winds. I'm wearing the captain's hat, reading the map & picking out the route. In Finland we found a charming little place to stay, Kalajoki. Later we visited Wasa & then realtives in Oulo.
On the way back over the Baltic Sea I took a sea troll omboard. BIG mistake. He took over the rodder and disrespected the hat! Couldn't have that, so I kicked him off the ship, mid-sea. Ran, the sea goddess, didn't seem to mind this & I was not punished, but Coleridge arrived safely home.


Anonymous said...

Ahoy there Captain Hexy! Might I come aboard? And where shall I bunk? :) Baron--->

H2O Hexagon said...

If you've finally have gotten swimming lessons from Hec's uncle (or Tio) you are welcome aboard... as long as you're not packing any gnomes that is!