Monday, June 08, 2009

The Road Dream

In the dream I am walking along a big road. The road is packed with people, all walking in the same direction with apathetic expressions and movements. The landscape is flat and the whole dream is grayish in color, like it is an eternal winter’s dusk. The road seems to be the only thing there, and moving forward the only thing important. People are in all different ages. When someone stops moving forward they are trampled under by the rest, who does not even seem to take notice or care about it. I look down at the tarmac and I realise that the road is made up by bodies, skeleton parts and remains of clothes that are crushed and packed into this grey macabre road. I imagine the road taking form at the head of it, and realize it doesn’t lead anywhere, it is just being created continually. Maybe the ones in the front only are trying to get away from the road. Looking down as another one is trampled down, I notice paths leading down from the road into the thorny shrubbery vegetation. I continue moving forward, but start notice more and more of these paths. With great hesitation I finally decide to divert from the big road to follow one of these paths. I find that the paths are running across each other in great pattern of confusion and over and over again I find myself on paths heading up onto the big road again. The paths don’t seem to lead anywhere either. But I continue to follow them, increasingly scarred and scratched and wild looking.

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