Monday, June 08, 2009

Oceanic Dreams

The Sea Whirlpool Dream
A boy of about seven y.o. standing at a pir with an old man. He points out to the sea, at a Whirlpool. The boy is awed. I get a feeling it is in Norway.

I don't remember any more of that dream, I had it as a child. But I have had many dreams about oceans. Here are some more I remember:

The Mirror in the Sea.
Me and another young identical girl sit in the waves, and there is an antique make up table with a big oval mirror, half submerged in the sea. We are smearing on red lipstick and laughing. Our white dresses are wet and our long hair is all tangled up by salt water. Suddently she is not beside me but in the mirror instead of my reflection. She smiles and reveal fangs. She leaps out of the mirror at me and scratch me. I run from her. The rest of the dream I run and try to hide from vampires and everybody around me turns into vampires. In the end I do, too.

The Sunken Ship
We have swam out to explore a sunken ship. Everybody dives down to look at it. I feel a intense hesitation to submerge myself entirely in the Sea. I am alone at the surface and all is dead still.

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