Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Hideaway

Midsummer time we spent at the cottage. But since we didn't get the water pump working yet, we were going home almost very day to shower or to get something. We thought we had packed enough to get by for four days, but no. It's just a twenty minutes drive, still I feel uneasy about it. Environmentally. Most of the time we have been working at the roof, and fixing stuff. As usual I have worked mostly in the garden. And making a meal for us now and then.

I'm happy with the results of our garden redesign. Lo tore down the old woodshed. I've got my 'druids corner' of the garden and they can do what they want to with the rest. I had to move my whole herbarium & strawberries which took two days of digging and replanting. Happily all of the the plants suvived the brutalism! I have sawed down many of the shrubberys and smaller trees for the more 'airy' garden design. Some older trees will be cut down later, but not the oldest ones, I saved those. Phew!

Althought if one of the great trees were to be stormfelled it could crush the cottage. I told them in that case I would mourn the tree and not the cottage. The cottage is an historical building, an more than 150 years old miners house from somewhere. But my grandfather was a miner his whole life, and I think he would say: "Leave those trees alone!" And I can truthfully claim I need the shadow of the trees, and that is pretty hard for anyone to argue with. Sometimes lupus isn't all bad. :-)

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