Sunday, June 07, 2009

Into the wild

I was looking forward to be sailing now, but I should have known better than getting my hopes up. Oh, I did so long to get away from everything for a long while. Forget that I am human. Not have to relate to other humans besides the others with me, who don't want to be human eighter.

Well I have to continue to get my wilderness in small doses. Tonight the moon is full and the sky is clear. As soon as darkness falls I will go running in the woods. The last time I went running this late I ran into the lynx that I've been told has been sighted often in the woods where I run. It was at a distance but it roared at me! I have seen lynx before but at greater distance and they have never cared about me.

How loud it sounded! I didn't expect it. Have only ever heard the sound in documentarys before. It is more of a bark than a roar, really. I was startled and felt a bit panicy, had to make myself run a bit slower and not faster. Not that I have ever head anyone say they have been attacked by a lynx. I felt silly for beeing scared by it.

I often run into deer there. Especially if I run off the track. Which I obviesly can't do in the dark. I will stay at the path. I have a trick that has preserved my night vision so it is very good. I always close my left eye for a moment if I am dazzled. A military taught me that when I was a child. Other superpowers: I have hearing like a dog's on one ear. :-)

Later: I saw the lynx again I think! Closer this time, but it leaped into shrubbery when I came and did not move and I wasn't about to stop and have a look in there! It was surprisingly cold outside. I took the longest warm shower and a hot cup of tea when I came home. It would have been nice with a warm somebody in bed tonight thought.

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