Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PIE disaster!

The Cartel has kidnaped Baron in the middle of an bake-off between him and Hector. I don't know what to do right now. Things don't make sense to me so I am not sure how I can help right now. Frustrating. Tonight at midnight we are all simultanusly watching the kidnap vid the Cartel sent. For the other international Pie slices it will be other times at the day of course. Just midnight for me. A part of Hectors latest message:
PIE is bigger than just Baron and I now. Ensuring it’s survival and growth is necessary, especially if something should happen to me. The community we’ve formed is full of brilliant, dedicated,and passionate people. I’m proud to work alongside you and I know the community will prosper no matter what happens.

From now on, I’ll be sharing evidence with you as I find it. We will draw strength from each other. The first thing I’ll be sharing with you is Baron’s abduction video. I want to watch it with you. Live. Tomorrow, Wednesday at 3 PM Pacific Time.

Join the investigation, register at:

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