Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The nordic mentality of lagomness has old roots. In odal society the annual meetings by the law ring where all quarrels were settled, was what held communities together. The word lagom meant "according to law" but in modern use the word means 'just right' weather it applies to conduct or an amount of something. Lagom is more than just about written law; it is foremost about unwritten laws. Extremes are bad and dangerous, and there is a time and a place for everything. This, I believe, is why nordic people party so wildly. When there is a right time for partying we have a lot of unrulyness pent up inside us. When we get out of our country we really let loose. I believe the raiding bands of vikings were mostly people suffocating from and escaping the 'lagomness' of home.
Nordic people have always been curious about the world. We like to go out into it and bring it home. But when something new enters our society we are very anxious to collectively assign this new element to its right time and place in our society. We are sensitive to the conscensus and everybody adapts to it. The new elements are welcome as a superficial change of flavour but it may not change the essence of our society in any way.
People who do not live according to lagom are shunned. And that is the dark side of lagom... When someone has not the sense or the courtesy to act lagom, this person loose its rights in the eyes of the collective.
To display signs of discomfort with the lagom way of life is labelled depression. It is a disease to not fit in with the lagomness. This is a threat to the balance of lagomness and has to be adressed by the society. These people has to be cured. Now what I am wondering is, in America there are large communities of nordic immigrants. Have they brought the lagomness with them? Or did they, as the vikings, leave here to get away from it?

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Kaito nii-san said...

In many cases, I've yet to see any lagomness in my area of the US. Though, I guess I myself would accept of it as a way to consider a time that would be boring as fine.

I guess the US in it's own way has a lagomness. We try to keep cool, and we pent up our energy, specifically anger. But that can sometimes let loose violently..