Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 'Illegitimati' take over of PIE.

Hector had to flee from PIE HQ and a couple of guys turned up at the forum claiming that Hector and Baron was hoaxers who stole their idea for a comic book and fooled us into thinking it was real. Now they had taken over and there would be no more investigating or discussing the JUMP, instead the forum would be dedicated to discussing Science Fiction and Fantasy. The initial reaction from the forum was a defiant one. But quite fast we adopted a strategy to pretend to play along with Bart and Harry, seemingly discussing science fiction and fantasy. Bart was happy for a moment:
"Yes. This is wonderful. Be social. Communicate with the other members. What a happy place PIE has now become."

But soon he shew that he was a tyrannical peck, disrespectful and arrogant. Lets say there was absolutely no danger of PIE getting the 'Stocholm syndrome'. For example, he didn't like the look of my signature image (of the Romulan Nero from Star Trek) and ordered me to change it to something 'happier'. I did so, but Vally came to my defense and pointed out that they have yet to proove their legal claims and did not whield any actual power over the forum. Soon enough the forum was abound with grim signature images. Most of them designed by the talanted Tio.
"Attn PIE members: moving forward, there will be no signature files allowed in this forum. Please have them all disabled by this time tomorrow. You must comply. Thank you and have a PIE-rrific day."

Yesterday there was a storm of namecalling at the forum and Bart lost his cool. He started to refer to the Cartel and someone in PIE beeing a traitor. Thereby sorta edmitting that they work for the Cartel. (We figured that much since before.) Harry made a weak attemt to start conversation about Star Trek or LOST instead. He gave us a fair warning: "It's my experience people generally get what they deserve. Tread lightly people." When it did not work out he finally threatened us:
"Bart and I will explore solutions to this problem. None of which will favor you or your friends. Pack your bags, you're all about to go on a trip."

Just so you know my friends; if I suddently vanish, the Cartel has picked me up for a trip to Tortureland. Well, there are worse things; like Vogon poetry. On that note: Don't forget to take your towel out with you next monday.

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