Thursday, October 20, 2005

fruit of the roses

in the dawn i picked the fruits of the roses in the Arboretum. the birds do not eat them, and if nobody picks them now, they will be spoiled by the nightfrost. last year the first snow fell on my birthday, but now no snow has fallen yet. no h2o-hexagons. in the morning i found the time to take out the itchy seeds and cook a marmelade from the rosefruit. it is rich in vitamin C and many other components that science can not even measure. it will do my imunnesystem good. i plan to pick hawthorn in the Arboretum today, drie them in the owen and use them for tea. it strenghtens the arteries and the heart.
i have been out picking cranberries for half a week. for every berry you see, there is thirty you do not see at first. it takes some patience, when the berries "hide" in the soft moss. hard not to get ones feet wet, too. but the smell of the forest is enchanting this time of year, and the air itself is fresh. one has tooo look out to not stay until darkness falls, as it comes sooner and sooner every evening now. it is not easy to find your way out of the forest with only moonlight to go by.
i have also picked some more rowanberries and put them on a string to dry. i will use them for seasoning food later, or musli.

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