Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Havtorn by Bottenhavet

when i was home me and my bear man went to our favourite beach in our sourroundings. this time of year it is not sprinkled with naturist bathers as it is in summer. they never respect the limitations of their area, and go galavanting in the nature protection area, flaunting their bodys and somtimes their lusts. this time of year naked seals lying on the beach is the only "hazard". once we happened to scare a cub that was sleeping. another time we found a dead seal rotting there. and once, the whole beach was covered in white swan fethers. i gathered them but my bear man was worried about bird influenza.
but back to this time. we came to pick Havtorn. the name means sea-thorns. the berries are hard to pick because you need to cut them from the branches one by one or with scissors. what we had not forseen was the mosquitos. this time of year they are usually not a problem. we gave up pretty soon. the crows had ate our cookies by then, too, leaving us an empthy package. we descided to take a long walk because we had never seen such good weather and beautiful sky on our beach. the sea was still, there was a big bloodred sun licking the horizon.
a couple of days later i cooked jelly of the havtorn and rowanberries. nice to have to meat but also for seasoning smoothies with banana base, as i discovered today. now i am back in Ume for eighteen days, before i can take the train going home again. the weather now is typically fallish, autumnish, yellow leaves, mist and wind. friday i hope will be cold and clear, in that case i will take a trip to my cranberry place to pick some. this fall has been all about berries, last summer was all about herbs. i wonder what my next learningproject will be? bear man is learning to build ecological houses. i guess we just complete eachother.
i have read "Dinas Bok" trough now. i DID like it, and i DO understand why it was recommended to me. just like Dina in the book, i want to do only what i myself choose, but for me the price is not peoples lives, even if i would rather die than live a lie. Dina is very sexual, and she has some spiritual powers. she holds her own masses under the moon.
another book i recently finished was Mikael Niemis "Kyrkdjävulen" (The Curchdevil). he is a noted author from my home, and was awarded many prices for his book that i belive was translated into many different languages and is a movie too:"Popular Music form Vittula". i love his books. when i visited my home a woman asked me if i would not be the female Mikael Niemi of our town some day. that was high expectations...! Mikael Niemi once read and commented my poems, and he said: continue writing. oki, i am! he also said i should not write my poems in english. i need to work on that bit.

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