Tuesday, September 20, 2005

bringing in the bounty of nature

to my surprise the whole corridore in my dorm wanted to come out to pick berries and mushrooms one sunday. i was lucky enough to find a whole lot of tasty mushrooms, i have dried them for storing. i have still to pick rowanberries, cranberries and a few things more, those orange berries that grow by the sea on bushes that you need to cut off with small scissors, Havtorn we call them. i regret that i did not get more of the white, honeysmelling blossoms that cure pain and fever. it makes such great tea! i have no idea what the toadstools shall be good for, Pan knows i have not the guts to try them out.
my bear man came up to visit for four days. one day we were by a lake in an old forest, and found this great place to pick cranberries, but i prefer to return when they have frozen up really good. we liked the place so much that we returned in the evening with an initial plan to sleep there, but the windy weather detered us. the starlit sky was beautifoul and we even saw a spectacular northen lights. the swans in the lake were wery upset by our torchlight when we first arrived. we made a fire and cooked sausages over it.
it is frustrating to be bound inside these University walls, i feel totally cold towards the things i have to learn. uninspired. and dying inside. it is also pure death to be away from my love. i am cut in half... will i manage? or shall i give up? and then what? I regret ever starting this, taking loans. it was the first step towards slavery. but it has also made me realise how worthless higher education is, something i did not belive before.
so much of it is exactly like those giant stone heads that the people that used to live on the so called Easter island used to make, that made them use up all the natural recources which led directly to their own extinction. that is what LIS is.
on the upside, i will take the nighttrain home tomorrow. and then i will see the face of my beloved again. it almost feels like i will not have peace of mind until that hour.

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