Tuesday, March 01, 2011

to use = to get used

some of them want to use you
some of them want to be used by you

some day you will play just the way they want you to play
(the white mice in the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.)

and you don't even who they are, or who you are hurting
(Ender in Enders Game.)

J stated that D was probably into her and that she could use that. she never stoped to think that maybe D made her think he was into her so she would trust him, and he could use that.

and who is using/abusing you? for what? a company, a corrupt goverment, the military, the police, the terrorists? to track down, to capture, to reveal, to register, to destroy, to snare?

it's not your motivation for doing something that counts if you're beeing stupid, it is the end result and maybe it's not you that will be paying for it.

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