Monday, March 07, 2011

hypnotic narcotic

hypnotism makes me think of several things. Kaa, from Disney's cartoon version of The Jungle Book, is my mental picture.

and then i think about my biofathers experiments. he claimed to have learned it from an egyptian man he shared prison cell with.

he continued the experiments until he died, i found his documentation in the appartment after he passed. i have blogged about that 2005, the peculiar installation-like landscape of the appartment. glasses filled up with water grouped on tables. radio & tv sets everywhere, but not set on any channels just 'war of the ants', white noise. very strange man. in his hypnotism diary it is apperent that he used it for contacting the spirit world and that there were a group of them having meetings, probably those strange people that showed up on his funeral. i recognized one of them, she's an theatrical actress. he was a member of AMORC, so they might have been the local chapter of that.

i've once unwittingly brain-washed a friend. i am outspoken about my hate against drug abuse, so if my friends use they keep it a secret to me. so did this friend. i used to talk politics with her, or at her rather, it was a subject that was new to her. to my horror she became utterly convinced by everything i'd discussed with her (while i myself change views every month, sometimes, during this time i was changing from green to red and back from red to green.) when i found out she was using i gathered that it must have been the reason she had been such a enthusiastic audience. because nobody usually has the patience to listen to me rant about what i'm currently obsessed about! it's just not natural.

there have been studies made on the subject of changing ones suggestibility with drugs. it has some effect, but the biggest difference between peoples suggestibility is innate. if i'm anything like my biofather i'm very vulnerable. i remember when the Conspirits investigated some sound clips from earlier experiments made with hypnotism, where the subjects channeled spirits of the dead. just listening to it made me almost loose it. or i did, i don't know. scary! i guess that was what my biofather was into, also. there are also widespread conspiracy theorys based on facts, blended with quite absurd claims.

my doorbell rang, it was a big letter for me! yay. i'm one of the seven. hm, SE7EN, what an ominous number...

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